Student Storage Near Hofstra University

For the easiest, most convenient self storage solution to your summer month storage needs, check out Men on the Move Self Storage of Garden City. We’re just minutes north of the center of Hofstra University’s campus, providing students with an easily accessible place to leave their belongings during the long break. Don’t haul all that stuff back to mom and dad’s for the three month break. Instead, just leave it to us to move and store your items, guaranteeing a safe and secure location that is small enough for your purposes and affordable, too! If you’re interested, don’t wait! Call now to reserve your unit for the summer months!

Directions from Hofstra University

To Men on the Move Self Storage of Garden City:

  • Head northeast on NY-24 E toward Oak St
  • Turn left onto Oak St
  • In 1.1 miles, turn right onto Comercial Ave
  • Turn left onto Quentin Roosevelt Blvd
  • Continue onto South St
  • Continue onto Right Rd E
  • Turn right onto Zeckendorf Blvd
  • Turn left onto E Gate Blvd
  • Make a U-turn
  • Turn right onto Axinn Ave
  • Men on the Move Self Storage of Garden City will be on your left

To Men on the Move Self Storage of Floral Park:

  • Head northwest on Carnation Ave toward Lily S
  • Turn left onto Tulip Ave
  • Sharp rigth onto Jamaica Ave/Jericho Turnpike
  • Continue to follow Jericho Turnpike for 1.2 miles
  • Turn right onto Cover Ave
  • In 2.3 miles, continue onto Catherdral Ave
  • In 1.4 miles, turn left onto NY-24 E/Fulton Ave
  • In 1.7 miles, Men on the Move Self Storage of Floral Park will be on your right





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