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If you’ve got questions about the self storage and moving industries, you certainly aren’t the first! Visit our FAQ page for some of our more commonly asked questions or fill out the form below to speak with our professionally trained team. We’ll get back to you shortly!

About Us

Men on the Move Self Storage of Garden City is Long Island’s #1 self storage and moving solution, providing comprehensive answers to the issues of Garden City’s and the surrounding community’s residents. Our facility features drive-up loading and unload bays, online bill pay, and the office sells all the packing and moving supplies you could ever need.

Men on the Move Self Storage of Garden City

1000 Axinn Avenue  Garden City, NY 11530  (516) 228-2300

If you’re looking for convenience, then this is the facility for you! Our climate-controlled units are perfect for documents, antiques, or anything you’d want to keep out of the elements. Combine the ease of our storage with the simplicity of using our moving service and you’ve got a self storage solution that can’t be beat! Get moving and call our office today!

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